Friday, October 10, 2014


Now that the desk is finished, it is time to redo the hardware for the drawers.

Once I removed the hardware, I cleaned one of the handles and attempted to use some Brasso to bring back the original surface. The finish wasn't a good color of brass, so I hit the blogs to find an answer.

In one of the blogs, it mentions using the gilding paste on metal hardware.  However, this gold paste does not stick to metal, so this blogger painted the metal handle first with chalk paint, let it dry and then applied the paste.

This picture shows the handle with a light coat of Lamp black paint.  It dries very quickly.

For this next step, please use rubber gloves.  This gilding paste gets on everything.  Using a folded up paper towel, I wiped the surfaces gently with the gilding paste leaving some of the black base coat.  I think the gold will make the black wood of the desk really pop using the gilding paste.

Notice that I didn't  cover the entire handle with the gold. I liked the black contrast in the crevices of the hardware.  It appears splotchy, but I think it will work in my favor on this piece of furniture.

Because the gilding paste has a bit of oily touch to it, I will let the handles dry and then apply a spray coat of matte sealer to make sure the gold does not wear off.

This desk really shows the feel of the West Point colors: black and gold.

Wait until you see it!

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