Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Do you remember the FREE ceiling medallion that I was given a few weeks ago? Well, it was time to clean it up.  It measures roughly 3 by 4 feet.  It is enormous, but gorgeous. 

The plan is to paint the dining room ceiling dark charcoal and paint the medallion white.  The problem comes in when I try to decide what type of paint to use on this piece.  The Internet suggests painting it the same color and type as the crown molding, which is high gloss white.  But I worry that the sheen on the medallion will be distracting to the chandelier hanging beneath it.  Some suggested to use flat white paint, but then it looks somewhat unfinished.  I think I will need to take a trip to the paint store and ask their opinion.  I hate being so indecisive.

A closer view shows the paint and caulking that still remains, I need to clean all the edges of the medallion off first.

The outer edges came off easily.  I was thinking that this would take about 20 minutes to completely clean. 

Turning the piece over was another story.  There was quite a bit of adhesive caulk remaining.

I found a putty knife that had a rather sharp edge.

After, 2, yes, 2 hours, I finally cleaned all of the thick adhesive off, but at a cost.  I still want to take my palm sander and get any remaining caulk off, but I will wait a few days.

Using the putty knife unfortunately had every knuckle on my hand bleeding.  Please don't look at my old looking hand.

If I had to repeat this process, I would use plastic kitchen gloves. Those might have saved my knuckles.  Live and learn.  I kept thinking, well, it was free, so what is a bit of hard work anyway?

I will get back to you when I decide on what type of white paint I will use to cover the medallion.

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