Thursday, February 18, 2016


 Wow, was I surprised when Mr.Thrifty offered to paint the parlor bath over this long Presidents Day weekend. Now that is a Valentine present that I would appreciate.  He is the most amazing and meticulous painter.  I am so blessed.

Thankfully, I had purchased all the paint for the bath, dining room ceiling and walls already.

Here is the view of the Mojave tan walls before painting.

We were very lucky that when the house was built, they put crown molding in every room.

I'm going to have to stop and brag about Mr.Thrifty here for a moment.  He only tapes the baseboards.  His sash brush does the ceiling molding without taping it off.  For this room I am using Acier by Sherwin Williams, which is a darker shade then what was painted in the great room.  I think the darker paint looks more striking in a small area.

The longest part of the job is actually painting around the moldings.  I have done nothing up to this point.  I am just the foreman.

Now for the second coat. 

While doing the first coat the Mr. realized that getting behind the toilet with the painting brush was a bit challenging.  He went to the garage and pulled out the short extension.

The paint extension in action.

He started painting on Sunday and by Monday afternoon, the job was completed.

I ordered a new stencil to put on one wall of the bathroom.  Now all I have to do is clean up the bath and put back all the fixtures. On second thought, I think I will stencil the one large wall in the bath before putting the room back together.

I am really excited about this room's transformation.

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