Sunday, February 28, 2016


After Valentines Day, I took down the Valentine garland over the cherub embellished mirror.  I wanted to keep the pink plates so I changed up the wall.

The top plate happens to be one of my Mom's good china.  Even though I use this setting for dinners, it was kind of fun to add one of them on the wall.

The second plate was a platter that I purchased for $1.00 years ago.  The crazing was so bad that I would never put food on it, but I wanted to give it a new life, so I bought it.  I have always been curious about the previous owners of this platter.  It had been used a lot. 

The third piece in the grouping was a FREE mirror!  I received it from the same lady that gave me the ceiling medallion. It is a gorgeous gold ornate wall mirror.

Once all the pieces were hung, it felt just right.  The pink colors play off the grey wall paint.

I will keep this grouping up until spring.

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