Thursday, February 11, 2016


Before Christmas, I sent my oldest daughter a mini Christmas tree with ornaments and other embellishments for her dorm room.  When she came home for Christmas break, I mentioned that I wanted her to keep it for next year.  She asked me if I could continue to send future seasonal ornaments so she could use the tree year round.  What a great idea!  Because Valentine's Day is so special in our household, I was on it to create a Valentine tree.
After Christmas at Hobby Lobby, I was looking at the mini ornaments in the sale aisle and came upon some great deals that I could use for the February holiday.  The sale on all Christmas items was 90%, so I started my hunt.  Knowing that I would need yet another tree when my youngest went off to college, I was looking for multiples to use for both girls. 

The pink velvet tree skirt at $6.99 and tree topper and ornaments were $2.99 regular price.  With the sale price, I paid 30 cents for the topper and ornaments and 60 cents for the skirt.  I think I hit the mother load.

I found another mini tree at 75% off.

 75% off of $7.99 was $2.00.

Since I couldn't find a garland, I picked up 2 pieces of glittered cardstock at 50% off and ransacked my craft supplies to find an appropriate punch-a heart.

I used the punch to make the 2 colors of hearts and decided to keep the remnants for another project.

The hearts were placed in pairs.

I pulled out 2 rolls of ribbon to use as the base for my garlands.  Using a glue gun, I glued one of each color to each other and alternated the colors on the ribbon.

Here is the first garland finished.

But when I connected it to the tree, I realized that it didn't have an anchor, so I went back and glue gunned both ends into loops.

Here is the second garland with ending loops shown.

Here is the close up of the loops.

When it came time to the tree skirt, I wanted to embellish this too to make it a bit more unique.  I went to my button jar and pulled out these marvelous mother of pearl buttons that my friend Tara gave me a few years ago.  Here is the view of the front and back of the button.

I only wanted to show the mother of pearl side in my project, so I sewed the buttons in a random fashion on the skirt.
Once placed under the tree, it looked fabulous.

Once the ornaments, tree topper and garland were placed on the tree, it looked quite festive.

I think my daughter(s) will be pleased with the finished project and it remind them of the decorations from home during OUR holiday.

I think the angels were on my side to even find such deals to coordinate a Valentine's tree for my daughter(s).   

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