Sunday, February 7, 2016


It is time to begin creating a mantle for Valentine's Day.  I picked up this baby white dress with pink embroidery at an estate sale this past summer for $1.00.  I will design the mantle around this precious item.  The first thing to do is wash and soak it in Biz whitener and odor eliminator overnight.  I really didn't have anything to lose other than the dollar, but the next morning, I thoroughly rinsed the item and hung it out to dry.  It is amazing that after a good ironing with Iron Press, it revealed how white that the  Biz had brought this dress back to life.  No damage was done to the dress.

The glass of the vintage window threw off poor lighting, but you can see the dress better in a picture later in the post.
The next item incorporated in the mantle was the gorgeous dried roses and bay leaves wreath that my dear friend Tara sent me when Mom died last May.  I draped it over one of my vintage mirrors.  Love this!

Here is a better picture of the window.

I placed Grandma's French yarn basket next to the mantle clock.

Last spring, I found this metal heart mirror on  I think it cost about $13.95 without s/h, but it looked vintage and the quality seemed good.

I really liked having the heart open to a mirror.

It seemed logical to hang it over the side of the rattan basket.

A few years back, I found these cute mini garlands that I put in the girls' valentine baskets.  All they had to do was assemble the floss and the pennants.  This particular garland spells out amour.  I just draped it onto the top of the basket.

Because I save the special valentines that I gave Mr. Thrifty, I pulled out the ones with pale pinks and rose and placed them haphazardly against the glass of the window frame.

The mantle is almost complete.

The wooden rose plaque added to the theme of cards and postcards.

I still needed some more texture, so I pulled out a piece of Belgian lace to drape over the mantle.  How truly romantic!

A small suitcase and rattan wine basket at the base of the mantle complete this scene.

I could leave this mantle up for a few months.  It is serene, romantic and calming in the great room.

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