Monday, October 1, 2012

October Mantle

I vowed that this month  I would not spend one dime on creating the mantle decorations.  Being the first week of October, it is too early to do a Halloween theme.  Everything on this mantle was stashed around the house.

I pulled out my tubs of faux pumpkins and wood accents and began.  Orange was the color that I wanted to build on.  My grandmother had this vintage wooden Japanese tea box in her basement.  I wouldn't be surprised if it came from the grandfather's grocery store.  Grandma used it for her skeins of yarn.

  I also had a decorative piece that I had stripped years ago.  At that time, I stained and polyurethane the piano panel.

This time I wanted to do an asymmetrical look, so I started building using the tea box and two woven baskets.  Grouping three pumpkins added a bit of height. 

I found very reasonably priced pheasant feathers last year through Oriental Trading Company.  I  had planned to use them in an autumnal flower arrangement, but instead chose to tie the bunch off with a rubber band and lean them against the decorative piano panel.

To balance this out with some dark wood with texture, I pulled out a hand carved wood lid with matching bowl that was given to me by my husband.  He bought it from a villager in Bosnia when he was deployed there.  The intricate cut work design is all hand cut.  The talent of these type of artisans is not too common in the states anymore.

  A few faux pumpkins grace the remainder of the mantle.  A fall wreath lays casually on top of the stack of baskets. The ironstone candy dish was bought at an estate sale for $1.00 last year.  You can't see it in the picture, but the top of the dish is lopsided on the stem.  Maybe that was the reason is cost so little.
                                                          Some tree limbs add dimension.
                                  A look of the whole mantle gives  the room an autumnal feel.

I succeeded in creating the whole scene for nothing. Now we are ready to stoke the fireplace and simmer some cider.

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