Wednesday, January 30, 2013

$2.92 Roses for Valentine Vignette

I always gaze at the fresh flower section when I enter Wal Mart.  On the bottom shelf, they will have discounted flowers that need to be moved quickly.

This morning I saw these beautiful pink roses for $2.92.  Knowing that these could fill in for an added feature in one of my Christmas displays, I scooped them up.  On the way home, I realized that I could fashion a quick Valentine flower tray for a future blog.

This next trick I learned from the Leisure Arts staging designer.  She told me that she rarely buys fresh flowers.  She would go to Krogers or Walmart, look in the discount section to buy fresh flowers for photo shoots.  The key is to hurry home, peel off at least 3-4 of the outer petals and the flowers looks fresh as can be.  Place them in water and you are ready to go.

Once home, I pulled out a lion handled vintage silver plated flower urn with a built in frog(that device that holds the flowers up).
The flower frog helps to keep the flowers in place better than just putting them in water.  This frog is wire wrapped.

Here is another take of the frog as it is sits in the silver plated shabbily looking bowl.  A point I would like to make here is how you can find an item not in the best of shape, but still use it and camouflage the warts.  Many people would have walked by this piece at an estate sale because of this damage.  I knew that no one would ever see the inside.  Take a chance.

Using a Goodwill frame bought for $1.00,  I placed a piece of  lovely Anna Griffin scrapbook paper under glass and a quick easy tray is made.

  Going to my armoire, I remembered a tea cup set bought at an estate sale in Little Rock for $3.00.

                                      The decanter of flowers is the icing on the cake. 

        Wouldn't this just look spectacular on a bedside table for a dear friend or family member?

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