Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Upcycled Thrift Shop Kitchen Table.

The situation with the blog still has not been resolved.  However, I have made a few post entries ahead, so I decided to drive on.  I can now change the border and the header, but still cannot add images to the post.

This month will be devoted to creating a comfortable masculine office for Mr. Thrifty.  Since retiring from his military career, I knew that he would want to have his mementos incorporated into his office space.  There was to be no shabby chic white or distressed furniture in this room.  This was to be all things military.  My only problem was that it had to be 'tasteful'.  I'm sure he would laugh about that, but it took me a long time to wrap my brain around this feat.

My first challenge was to find a desk.

While living outside Boston, the base had a Thrift Shop that had great merchandise.  Many retirees would drop off their long time treasures on a weekly basis at the thrift shop.  I found this table for $30.00.  It could have been in a fairy tale cottage holding bowls of porridge years ago.

                           It wasn't much to look it, but the trestle base was a real charmer.

  The top was made of very rough pine planks. It was very warped and needed lots of help.  Any work on this project would  have to wait until our move to Washington, D.C.

When Mr. Thrifty ripped off the top, he planned to glue pieces of wood together, sand well and router all the edges. This was a new feat but more importantly, a new tool was purchased.

                                                   Mr. Thrifty working with the router.

Once the table top was routed, a few coats of high gloss white paint changed this sad piece into a stunning beauty.
Looking back on this project done ages ago, I could not have done it without the help of my trusty partner.  When I have had an idea and don't know how to reach the end result, he can always save the day.  We are a great team.

He did an amazing job. At the time it was painted high gloss white and this became our eat in kitchen table.

                  Stay tuned for an update on how this cute white table becomes an office desk.


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