Sunday, January 13, 2013

Gold Slipcovered Office Chair

I needed to find a stately chair for the  new and improved desk/table.  I didn't have to look farther than my junk pile to find an upholstered, but rather ratty wing back chair.  This particular chair was found at the Prince William County Dump.  It was given a good steam cleaning  and a heavy dose of duct tape before going further with the project.  Actually, my part was done.  I just needed to purchase fabric for a slipcover and call my friend to sew it up.

  When I showed my slipcover lady the chair all taped up with duck tape, she
 said she had seen worse.  Unbelievable!! 

I needed to find a upholstery fabric that would compliment the black and gold colors in the room. I can't believe that Hobby Lobby would come to the rescue. This fabric was masculine enough to pull off my plan.  It also had shades of gray, black and gold which would tie into my vision for the office.  With a 40% coupon on the fabric, the cost came to under $90.00.

My slip cover friend is very economical when it comes to telling me how much fabric to purchase. She does this trick on the seat to save the good material.

                               Once slip covered, the feet were looking rather shabby.

  A quick trip to the garage and  two added coats of Lamp Black paint, and the chair looks almost brand new.  Love it!

With the new slipcover, life has brought another forlorn piece of furniture into a stately chair for a retired officer.

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