Saturday, January 19, 2013

All Things Love-Part 1

I realized this morning that if I don't start doing my Valentine projects on the blog, it might be too late to share these ideas with all of you.  So I will postpone the remaining office blog ideas and begin my February posts.

I am so excited to share this new and unusual slant on a Valentine card.  This post will consist of two parts.  Part 1 will show you how I started with a concept and  began its creation.  Part II will show the completed Valentine vignette.

 Since Christmas, I wanted to make another original collage.  This time I wanted more impact thus a much larger collage was in the plan.

The base of the project was this picture frame found at an estate sale for $1.00.  When you see the before picture you will understand the price point.
However after I took the print out of the frame I was intrigued with the subject matter.  After getting a closer look, this is what I saw.
A mother was taking her child on a walk and carrying a basket.  Was she delivering a lunch to Grandma?
Looking further at the frame, I noticed a very large gash in the embellished edge. 
This would add more to the character of the vintage Valentine.  I didn't even want to fix it.  Then I noticed that the embossing on the frame was in the shape of hearts.  Isn't that crazy?  Now I know that this frame was meant to be the base of my Valentine collage.

 Because this collage is All Things Love, I wanted to incorporate all textures with a smattering of hearts.
To begin the first layer, I pulled some scrapbook papers.  I had a piece of Victorian scrap bought at a garage sale for .25.  I have kept this up on my idea board for years.
To the side, I added a Jolee's dimensional cherub holding a limb of glittered hearts.

Last year I made Mr. Thrifty a vintage Valentine.  Also an enlarged image of the back of a Valentine's envelope is scattered on top of the scrapbook papers.

 The next addition was a very old metal Immaculate Heart of Mary medal that once belonged to my Grandmother.  It was lying in a kitchen drawer when I bought the house.  Even though this wasn't a Valentine, the fact that it contained a heart and was vintage and it belonged to her was the connection that I needed.

                                                        A vintage piece of music......

A vintage Valentine,  a ribbon of felt hearts, glittered letters spelling out AMOUR and my Wizard of Oz heart clock filled in spots on the background.


And the final piece, a vintage flowered envelope complete with dimensional stamp, trimmed in delicate lace topped with a silver filigree heart shaped button completes the collage.

I'm sure you are thinking, what a busy piece!  Here is the whole picture.  How is that for a fabulous Valentine?  The funny part of this is that when Mr. Thrifty saw the completed valentine, he said that his block was checked for MY Valentine this year.  I think he is very wrong!  We both laughed about that.

                               The next post will complete the entire Valentine vignette.

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