Wednesday, January 23, 2013

All Things Love-Part II

Deciding where to place my Valentine vignette was pure happenstance.  Two weeks ago, we had to move the vintage princess dresser out of the spare bedroom.

I moved it into the great room until I could have help to hike it up to the bonus room.  Instead, I took the swing mirror off the top of the dresser and moved the base into position.

I needed to move the blue and white china mirror out of the way in order to hang my giant Valentine.  The Blue Willow plates were taken down and replaced with 1) a heart shaped shimmery plate that once held a candle and 2) an oval platter purchased at an estate sale for $2.00.  Here is the before picture of this area.
                    I found a gold triangular piece at an estate sale last summer for $l.00.  Turning it over, I realized that it was a Victorian picture hanger.  I'm not sure if you are familiar with these. 

                                               Turning it over you will find 3 screws.

A braided cord would connect the bottom two screws to the picture.  Then the top hanger would hang the picture from the ceiling molding.  Instead of using cord, I just positioned this piece above the frame to add some embellishment.

On the dresser top I  placed 'all things love' to the max.  Years ago, I bought a vintage business card holder at an estate sale and placed a picture of my girls in their flower girl dresses from a friend's wedding.


             A beautiful glass heart that my friend Tara sent me hangs from the fisherman's basket lamp.

  My girl bust is decorated with mostly Tara and Maureen's beautiful charms, pearls and a vintage pink Victorian necklace.

                             The last setting is a silver plate tray filled with my ruby glass eggs.

It was hard to get a picture in the daytime sunlight with the rainy days(and a bit of snow) that we have been experiencing the past 10 days.  This was the best I could do.  Hopefully, the sun will again shine over Alabama and I can take a better picture.

                  I love bringing my  pink reading chair into the great room for the month of February.


                            ALL THINGS LOVE

                                     p.s.   The sun came up this morning.  Here is the picture.

                        At night, the Valentine vignette adds a beautiful glow to the Great Room.           


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