Friday, March 8, 2013


I haven't changed my 'vintage window/coffee table' for a very long time.  Wanting to change it up needed a theme.  ST. PATRICK'S DAY was the ticket. 

                    Last year, I hung my collection of Belleek bells on a 3 foot Christmas Tree.  The fragile Irish porcelain with its almost translucent finish  showed beautifully against the mini white lights of the tree.

This year, I decided to showcase them in the coffee table shadow box that Mr. Thrifty made me years ago.  Initially, I went to the fabric store to find a heather-like rough linen to line the drawer with only to realize that the store had nothing along those lines.  Going to the quilting department because of the numerous options was the next step.  I found a somewhat Celtic looking fabric in dark green and black tones.  The ivory color of the china would contrast beautifully against this fabric.
                          The white background of the fabric complimented the painted wood of the table.

            Using some of my antique lace items broke up a bit of the busyness of the background.


        The delicate Belleek china shows very well on either the lace or the fabric background.  The verdant green of the ribbons on the bells picks up the green in the background fabric.

The completed vignette.
                     A Belleek Christmas harp and emerald crystal Rosary lend themselves to the March theme.


                                       At night, the lamps cast a beautiful glow over the bells.

An added advantage to having the see through window on the display is the ease of cleaning.  A bit of window cleaner on the windows, and the coffee table can show off its contents.

   This unique showcase doesn't have to be changed out after March 17th.  I think I might leave them in the cabinet for a few months.

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