Tuesday, March 5, 2013

French Postcard Pillow

Years ago, my friend Tara and I discussed making a postcard pillow that we had seen on other blogs.

Knowing that we loved the old French postcards, I hung out at an antique mall for about 1 hour searching for a French postcard.  After finding one and paying $1.00 for it, I was ready to begin the project.

This is not the original card, but a similar one.

I bought some tan linen.  After washing it in cold water and pressing it, I was ready for the transfer. Scanning the postcard into the computer will give us our image.  Keep in mind when you are transferring a picture to fabric, you must use the reverse picture mode on your printer.  Once the postcard was printed on fabric transfer paper, all that was left was the ironing onto the linen.  Make sure to center your picture so it can be sewn to the back of the fabric.

With right sides together, sew the three seams, turn inside out.  Carefully press your edges.  Add your stuffing and hand sew the final side.

                     This would be fun to do with a handmade card or a wedding invitation.

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  1. This pillow looks especially pretty on my favorite chair. Thank you Lora!!