Friday, March 1, 2013

Updating the Mantle Mirror

Recall the vintage mantle mirror that I began last summer.


Remember the details?

                 I am so embarrassed that it took me this long to complete this project.

I had a mirror cut to fit the opening for $25.03.  This was the same mirror that was the base for my Nativity scene this past December.

The mantle piece was given a 2nd coat of paint.  I can't tell you how impressed I am with the smooth application of this Lamp Black paint.  It is a true black paint color.  I will never use another kind of paint again for painting black.

           After the piece dried, I applied a coat of clear wax.  Easily, I could have skipped this step. 

At this point, it had not been buffed out.  It will have a very smooth surface once I get a soft cloth and buff.

The hooks were soaked in a solution of salt and vinegar for two weeks to start the rusting process.  One hook became much more rusted than the other two.  I then rinsed the pieces and let them dry. The last step was to spray a coat of matte sealer on them so the rust would not rub off items that would be placed on the hook.

Isn't it amazing how old the hooks look?  This salt and vinegar solution can make anything metal look vintage.  It's one of  my favorite tricks.

At this point, I dry fitted the hooks onto the mantle piece.  I realized that the back of the larger middle hook did not have a flat surface. It had a ridge down the middle of the back of the hook, therefore, it wobbled.  Enter, the Ryobi tool..........

                     Some things just need to be left to a man, Mr. Thrifty in particular. 

This tool actually grinds down the ridge of the metal hook.  Make sure that at this point that you give the hooks a good spray of a clear matte spray.  The existing rust will never rub off on anything hung of them  Now it lies flush with the wood of the mantle piece.  Once the hooks were screwed into the piece, it was ready to hang.

At first, we were going to hang it in the back hallway coming in from the garage.  Later, after we  re-arranged the office, I found a better place to put the mantle piece.  I will hang it in there.

                 Once on the wall, I think the piece compliments the military theme very well.

                                     The mantle mirror compliments the 'Old Grey Line'.


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