Thursday, March 28, 2013


My previous posting shared refinishing the French blue stool.  Now I am ready to work on the Spring mantle.

The three following items will set the stage for the Easter mantle.


Because our winter here has been so dreary, I knew that spring flowers would perk up the mantle.  Filling up the Easter box was the first step.

Some yellow and purple pansies were planted into two shabby chic cereal bowls on the other side of the mantle.

                        Pulling out one of my worn pastel colored quilts adds some color.

                               Cute buttercup yellow bunny candles say 'Spring'.

Going into the woods, I cut a few branches with early leafy growth and placed them in a clear vase.  I would have liked to have cut forsythia branches from the backyard, but they were not long enough.  Maybe next year.
    My collection of decoupaged eggs adds a whimsical surprise to the vintage egg crate.

                                    Placed on top of the foot stool gives the egg crate height.

                                   And the completed mantle.......................................

                                             With a bit of sunshine, SPRING comes again.

    Unfortunately, the live tulip display lasts about 5 days.  To make it until Easter, I created a permanent one to last indefinitely.  Coral tulips, forsythia, a violet flowered branch and some pussy willow bring all the spring feeling into the decoupaged box.

               This mantle will last until May minus the small yellow bunny candles.


It was a challenge, but great fun to incorporate 3 unlike items into the space.   Hunt around
 your house for a vintage piece and make it your focal piece for your own Spring display.

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