Monday, April 15, 2013


When I think of Spring, I think of birds.

It all started with a card.   My friend Tara and I have loved bird nests for what seems forever now.  She picked this card up years ago.

When she mailed the card to me, she attached a note saying something to the effect, 'you could do something with that!'.  It was pinned to my idea board for years.  And then, the inspiration hit.

  For this project, I scanned the card and printed it off.  I used glass glitter to enhance the crown.

The next step was to find some French printed matter to line two of the sides of the shadow box.  I found this on Shabby Blogs.

The shadow box (that was 66 1/2% off) came from Hobby Lobby with black paint and a bit distressed.  The below shadow box is exactly like the one I was going to use for this project.  Here I added a scrapbook paper to the back and placed a jeweled standing cross in the base.  The back contained a picture hanger.  It also could be used on a table top display.  This was another auction project donated to the school.

 On this project, I wanted to use a robin's egg blue paint and crackling compound.  I applied the crackling compound first, let it dry and then painted two coats of the acrylic paint.

The bird card was glued to the back of the shadow box.

 Trimming out the Shabby Blogs border, I glued them to two inside walls of the box. I loved the extra busyness of the side panels popping out

A nest with beautiful blue eggs was attached.  Quite by accident, the bird looks like she is sitting in the nest.

To finish the back of the box, I glued scrapbook paper just to make it look a bit prettier.  Added hooks allowed the box to be hung.

Notice the wonderful crackling effect of the paint.  The inside walls show the depth with the border paper.

The crown needed a bit of German glass glitter.

And to think, it all started with a card.  Actually, this project was a birthday present given back to Tara.  Full circle..........



  1. I love this idea! and the glitter on the crown added the perfect touch! Will be on the look out now for boxes! ( I just got windows from the neighbors replacing theirs)

  2. Wendy,

    Thanks so much.

    You know I have oodles of window projects to get ideas from. Happy blogging!