Saturday, April 27, 2013


We bought 4 non-stained Stefan chairs from IKEA back in 2005 for the eat in kitchen area.   At the time they were $19.99 apiece.  Now the black stained ones go for $24.99, which still is a great price.  For 8 years, I just used them as is. 

They are a very plain style.  At first I was going to paint them an array of pastels.  That idea didn't last.  Once we bought the used oak round kitchen table, stain needed to be applied to the seat to fit in with the rest of the look.

Now it was time to finish them to match the rest of the kitchen.  Once we moved into the house, we purchased 4  black and stained bar stools. (I realize that only 3 stools are showing.)


Previously at the old house, we bought 2 white bar stools.(This will be a later blog)

It was time to coordinate all the chairs with the same look.  Mr. Thrifty took all the chair seats off and we began the sanding process.

The hand sander worked well.

Once sanded, I stained the seats with 5 coats of Minwax Golden Oak stain.

2nd coat.

Notice that I have 6 chair seats.  Two belong to the white bar stools that came out very well sanded.

3rd coat.

4th coat.

Finally, the 5th coat.

Patience is not one of my virtues, but it was necessary for this project.  The seats needed to come as close to the black and stained bar stools that we had presently in the kitchen.  Therefore, stain, sand, stain, sand, stain, get the picture.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  Make sure to sand with 220 grit between coats of stain.  Wipe with a soft rag before reapplying the next coat of stain.

We rough sanded the remaining frames with the hand sander.  This was very easy because the chairs all had straight lines.  Curves, had we had them, would have needed hand sanding.  This process went quickly.

Time to prime.  I hardly ever paint when priming anymore. I love this primer.
It is so important to follow the directions.  When it tells you to shake it, do exactly as it says.  Following the directions will give you a smooth coat and no drips.
The chairs are primed.
The weather has been so unseasonably cold here.  I created a spray tent in the garage.  It doesn't look pretty but it works.  Spray paint will leave a film of paint dust if not enclosed.  Another FYI with spray paint--If you wear glasses, use a cheap pair of cheaters.  I guarantee you that your glasses will be ruined if you wear your prescription pair.
 The actual painting came next.  I used the great Lamp Black paint that I had previously used on the Updated Mantle Mirror posted March 1, 2013.

Here is the finished chair minus the stained seat.

Mr. Thrifty reattached the seats.  Here is a photo of the chairs with the bar stool. 
I think they match very well.

Now the kitchen eat in area seems more complete.

All that is left is to finish the two white bar stools so all the chairs are compatible.

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