Thursday, April 18, 2013


As  I went outside yesterday, the yellow pollen had covered the entire birdbath top.  In fact, pollen is everywhere!  The good side of that is that spring has officially arrived in the south.  Some areas of the country are still getting snow.  Which leads me to my next posting.

Throughout six household moves, one item made it's way safely traveling on moving vans until the final move.  It is one of my most cherished household items that once was belonged to my grandmother. Grandma would set the birdbath on the lid of the underground cistern in the back yard.  There, birds would splash in the fresh water that she poured into the bowl.

When we arrived in Huntsville, the base arrived in two pieces.  Because of the break, it could not be fixed.  So, off to Home Depot to purchase a new base.  Mr. Thrifty carried the pieces to the back patio where I placed it between the two rocking chairs.

I went into my kitchen and pulled a black rod iron trivet out.  I placed this in the bottom of the bowl.

Next, I took the round glass top that I had bought at Hobby Lobby, and placed that on top of the bowl.  The table looks so much better with the trivet.

I bought an old metal birdcage at an estate sale for a few dollars.  With a coat of high gloss black paint, it blended well with the trivet.  In the garage I had an old clay pot.  I painted a black and white polka dot design around the top of the pot, inserted some floral foam and stuck in some faux fern fronds.

Mr. Thrifty and I often laugh about the nice patio area that we have out back.  It just beckons for us to take our weekend coffee and paper out back to start the morning a bit more leisurely.  The reality of it is that in Alabama I bet there aren't 5 summer mornings that we could enjoy the porch because of the intense heat.  It still is a relaxing place to sit in our rocking chairs on those moments when we don't have house projects going on.

The trivet can be traded out for glass marbles, decorated gardening tools, or whatever theme you are going for.

Come the Christmas holidays, I'll show you how to use the birdbath in a front porch decoration.

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