Tuesday, April 30, 2013


The white shorter bar stools were the last to be transformed into black chairs with stained seats to be used around the kitchen table.

When we moved in, we had these shorter bar stools from the Little Rock home.  The counter was higher in our Alabama home, so they were not tall enough for it.

Mr. Thrifty took off the seats and we sanded them.

The wood turned out to be beautiful maple.

Now, it was time to make the two chairs the same height.

Then, he measured them to match the height of the Ikea table chairs and cut them down to size.

After cutting, some of the previous support holes needed to be plugged, wood puttied and sanded.

New holes were drilled for the support bars.

The chair was re-glued with the new holes and support bars.  The bars needed some serious wood puttying(is that a word?) and re-sanded.

Time again to get the spray tent out to prime the chairs.

My favorite spray primer.

This primer gives such a smooth finish.

Here the chairs are still drying from the primer.

The next picture shows one of the chairs with one coat of Lamp Black and the other with two coats.

The seats were stained, waxed and buffed exactly like the Ikea kitchen chairs. 
The transformed former bar stools.
 Now, the kitchen counter, the table chairs and 2 extra former bar stools all compliment the table.

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