Friday, April 5, 2013


Once I finished the small round table, I received a beautiful card from my friend Susan.  She used Downton Abbey scrapbook papers.  We are both avid watchers of the show and a bit saddened with the final episode a few weeks back.

 As she is a lover of a good cup of hot tea, I knew that I wanted to set a spot for tea  for the two of us.  Using the newly finished round table was an obvious stage for this setting.

 Now that the season is over and we have to wait almost a year for the next, we can take some tea time to discuss possible upcoming scenarios.

                          Into my treasure trove of silver I found my Indian silver plated teapot.

                              My grandmother gave me a cup and tea saucer that I cherish.

             I also found another cup and saucer at an estate sale in Peoria in the late 90's.

                  Some silver plated spoons rest on a small German porcelain china tea bag rest.

A 3-candle candelabra added a bit of elegance. The entire table setting is ready to serve scones and tea.


Won't you join me?