Thursday, May 16, 2013


Years ago, I put together a earring holder when my first daughter had her ears pierced.

This piece lasted her for about 4 years and she eventually ran out of room on the mirror frame.

She decided that she wanted to create her own larger jewelry holder.  She told me her idea and what materials she wanted to scrounge from my craft room.  It sounded like a good plan so we  went out to get her supplies. 
We went to Hobby Lobby and purchased some Chevron material. Her dad cut out a piece of wood to use as a base for the material. Prior to adding the fabric, she layered 3 pieces of thin cork board onto the wood using  spray adhesive glue.

She wanted to use chicken wire for the other two sides.
She went into the garage and picked out one of my old windows.  First, she took it outside and scrubbed the frame.  Lots of the old paint chipped off which is good.  Once dry, she spray a matte sealer all over the wood.
 Next she attached the material padded section into the middle of the frame.
As you can see, she used old upholstery tacks to secure the sections of the wooden frame.  Notice that she used duck tape to secure the fabric onto the wooden base.
 The chicken wire was measured to fit the back of the window. 
A little side note.... You can tell that she really likes the turquoise color because the fabric matches her fingernails. 
Using a staple gun, she attached the wire across the back of the window pane.  
 Next, she went to my box of old handles and pulled a vintage rusty handle out and cleaned it off.  Once dry, she sprayed matte sealer on the handle to avoid rust  getting onto her necklaces.
 Once she screwed it in, she realized that the screw wasn't long enough so her dad recessed the hole in the back to attach the nut.  Then a hanging wire was attached to suspend the hanger.
Two vintage crystal knobs were also attached.
 And the finished project.
You can see that she left the wooden frame shabby looking.
 It didn't take her long to fill the new jewelry holder.
 The look of joy on her face  expressed her thrill of completing the project pretty much on her own. 
Her next project is going to be redoing a chair for her desk with the leftover Chevron material.  That will have to wait until school is out this spring.
I am so proud of her!

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