Monday, May 20, 2013


My oldest daughter wanted to make a simple scarf for herself, two for graduating seniors and some birthday presents for close friends.  She asked me to look for some fabric that would be easy to work with and appropriate for teens.  I found the following jersey material at Hobby Lobby.  With my coupon, I paid $14.84 and we were able to make 7 scarves. 
The cream stripe had a bit of laciness(not sure if that's a word?) so it so it was just natural to apply a thick lacy trim to the bottom edges.
We began by folding in half and made two cuts lengthwise.  That made six.  The remaining top edge was turned sideways to get the seventh piece.
All the long edges were turned under and were stitched.
Then the delicate ecru lace trim was attached to the ends of the scarf.
By the time she got to the 4th scarf, her confidence was established.
And the finished project.
This was a wonderful first sewing project for her.  One of her friends joked, "Oh, and you made this?"  And proudly she responded, "Yes, I did." 
The mere fact that she had completed a project and it looked professional was a great esteem building lesson.  I have noticed that she is much more sure of herself in finding scrap material and creating something with it. 
Later, she didn't have money to buy her sister a birthday present.  She pulled out some scraps of shabby chic material and sewed a wallet for her with a flap for dollar bills and sections to store her school id and library card.
The lesson of doing something completely on her own was the greatest gift of all. 
 I'm sure that there will be many more projects in her future. 

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