Thursday, May 9, 2013


When I first bought my grandmother's house, I wanted to create a Mary Englebreit kitchen. I loved the vibrant reds that she used in her design. (This was back in the late 80's.)

Here is the before picture. Before I get started, I should warn you that these pictures were taken before digital cameras, so they are not the best quality.

Kitchen before.

Kitchen floor before.

The floor had been stripped ready for the new.  Look at the old but very architectural vent in the left corner.

The new floor with my adorable first puppy Sweeney(blurry).

The kitchen cabinets painted high gloss white.
An added red mini blind and vintage cherry tablecloth valance.
   The kitchen was refreshed with paint, the backsplash tile was re-grouted  to make the room much brighter.
A wall display of some of my crosstitch projects of that day.  The Mary Englebreit crosstitch was one of my favorite.

Since then, everywhere I move, I hang the Mary Englebreit picture somewhere in my home.  I found the frame at an estate sale for $1.00.  The frame itself was spruced up a bit with some gold buffing cream.  I bought  red calico fabric to create the mat.

 Once the picture was crosstitched, I found the similar card in the store.

I finished stitching the picture in 1991.  My that seems a long time ago.

  Putting the two images together was a fun way to frame the picture.
Now it hangs in my kitchen area with a special card made by Susan.  The little girl reminds me so much of the girl in the Mary Englebreit crosstitch.
 Now the frame has a special place in my kitchen to remember those days of yore.

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