Monday, May 6, 2013


I love little white dresses.  I hang them all over my house.  I hang them in the girls' bedroom, the craft room and  the laundry room.(See Antique white baby dresses blog-Jan. 20, 2012.)

There is one particular white dress that means a lot to my sisters and me.  It is our First Communion dress, and in those days, it became a very special hand me down.

The story began when my Mom had cancer(I was 4 years old).  My 3rd oldest sister was taken to the store to buy the prettiest Communion dress that she could find by my Grandmother.

 My sister went up to the hospital to show Mom how beautiful she looked in her veil and dress on her Communion Day. Mom died two days later. It was a very, very sad time for our family.

Skip to 3 years later and a miracle happened.

  We had gotten a new Mother and my First Communion was coming soon, May 4, 1963.  After shortening the hem, I wore the dress on my special day.  Sorry for the blurry picture. I can't figure out how the date on the picture is April 1963 when I didn't wear the dress until May 4th?

Years later, I took the dress out and washed in very careful fearful that it would fall apart.  I bought a new satin ribbon for the sash and  the dress looked as good as new. 

I have since mentioned to my 3rd sister that if she wanted to have the dress back, I would be happy to return it, after all, it was hers first.

 Right now, it hangs in the craft room, reminding me daily how blessed life is.

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