Tuesday, May 28, 2013


My youngest daughter wanted to use our old queen size bed for her room.  When I purchased the queen quilt, all was well.  Well, that was until she realized that the bed took up too much floor space in her room. Then, we substituted her old twin white iron sized bed into the room to  solve this problem.  But then I had a bulletin board, lamp and chandelier that worked well with the quilt, but the quilt was hanging all over the floor.  I didn't want to buy a new quilt, so I  re-sized it.  Scary thought.

  I put it off and finally one day tired of tripping over the queen quilt,  I pulled out my sewing machine and scissors and got to work.

The first step was taking the seam ripper and going along the edges of the binding, so I could reuse it.  I cut off a good 18 inches, trimmed the binding and sewed the quilt back together. 

Then, I had this 18 inches of extra material left. I never liked the style or color of her desk chair, so  I made a chair cozy to detract from the look. 

                                           On the back, I used the leftover binding.



I couldn't resist taking of picture of her flip flops.  How many girls have shoes to match their room decor?

Now, the room is complete.  It's too bad that it doesn't always look this neat.  At least, I can see it clean in this picture.
                                   With about 30 minutes work, this task was complete.

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