Friday, May 24, 2013


It is funny that when the girls wanted to decorate their new rooms, they both wanted the same colors.  That was going to be a challenge, because how many turquoise and lime green coverlets could one person find?

We decided on a cute comforter for number 1 daughter's room.  Deciding on a dust ruffle became more of a challenge. A white dust ruffle just would not do.

 I found some cute complimentary lime green graphic fabric at Hobby Lobby.  I measured the perimeter of the three sides of her box spring, multiplied by 2(for ruffling) and made sure that my skirt was 18 inches long.  That meant cutting through the fold on the material itself. I know that sounds tricky.  Say the perimeter was 360 inches x 2=720 inches and then divide by two for the length of fabric. In this case, 6 yards of material would do.

When I measured the top of the box spring, it was equal to a twin size flat sheet.  I happened to have an old turquoise twin flat sheet in the linen closet, so I pulled that out.  

                         This latticed like fabric worked well with the existing comforter.


                       I placed the flat sheet on top of the box spring and hand pinned each ruffle.

It you look too close, you will see that the stitching is not the prettiest, but you don't see the flat sheet with the mattress laid on top of it.  This is the view looking down on top of the box spring.


 It really didn't take that long. Once all three sides were pinned, I just sewed the seam on the machine. I wanted them to be billowy, so I never hemmed the dust ruffle.


Looking at the bed now, I'm glad that I didn't settle for a white dust ruffle. That would have washed out the room. The lime dust ruffle gives it that look that pops color into the room

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