Thursday, September 17, 2015


I  am excited to share a project that my college bound daughter made for a friend that will be attending Alabama this fall.  Because the elephant is the Crimson Tide mascot, she wanted to incorporate the elephant into her design.

After purchasing two plastic elephants at Michael's, she spray painted them silver.  Her plan was to design a jewelry holder to hang on the wall.  Mr. Thrifty helped her in completing this project.

Here is a picture of the elephants painted.

The next step included sawing each of the two elephants in half.  Getting a piece of scrap board out of the garage pile, she cut, sanded and painted the wood base in Annie Sloan Paris Grey.

Measuring the placement of the now 4 elephant pieces onto the  board was done.  After Mr. Thrifty showed her how to drill the holes, she made the 4 holes on the board.  On the back, she recessed the 4 holes so the screws would not stick out.

 Looking at the profile of the rack, you can see how jewelry could be hung.

The completed jewelry holder will hold multiple pieces.

I am thrilled that my daughter came up with the concept and basically created this beautiful, lasting work of art.

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