Monday, September 21, 2015


While taking my 'Little one' out practice driving one Sunday, we came upon a flea market not far from home.  Because my daughter loves flea markets as much as I do, she begged me to stop.

The first booth had multiple pieces of vintage furniture out in the grass.  Getting closer to the booth, I spied a beautiful carved oak square table.  The intricate carvings on the legs were spectacular.  Normally when I find an interesting piece, I try to visualize where I can put it in the house.  I had no place to put the table.

After approaching the booth owner, I inquired about the price on the table.  He mentioned that he had just bought a storage unit of a deceased individual that had not kept up payments on the unit.  How sad was my first thought.  When he asked me if $25.00 was reasonable for the table, I was shocked.  The piece had it's original finished on it.  This was one of those pieces that I just couldn't pass up.

Look at the curved, carved leg.

The details in the table apron were just as appealing.

 The top of the table had no visible scratches or marks.

As I paid for my purchase, the owner asked me if I was looking for any other particular items.  I told him that I collected chipped vintage china.  He walked to a section in his booth and pulled this piece out.  Though dirty, he showed me the plate.  It would be perfect for my china mosaic projects that I occasionally do.  The price--free!  I couldn't pass that up.

When I returned home with my finds, I immediately washed the filthy plate.  I'm sure this plate will become part of a future project.

Considering that we were just out for an afternoon drive, I think I hit the jackpot.  I will be frequenting this booth on the weekends from here on out.

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