Thursday, September 10, 2015


In my previous post, I showed you the unique, antique birdcage that I was given by a dear friend.

To bring a bit of fall into the foyer, I carted out my tub of faux gourds.  The smaller ones could fit through the door of the birdcage.  However, many of them were just a bit too wide to enter the portal.

Not wanting to harm the birdcage, Mr. Thrifty thought that he could remove the top.  He took a scraper from his garage tools and gingerly lifted the top of the birdcage off the top.  Because it was nailed together, we can put the top back on and secure it later.

The oversized gourds now are able to be set within the birdcage.

With a few added items, the display takes shape.
We have the wool tartan plaid....

the larger pumpkins.....

and some faux greenery.

At dusk, the lamp adds just enough ambience to the foyer.
I hope Brenda feels that I have done her vintage birdcage justice.  This is just one of the many ideas that I have for this unique piece.

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