Sunday, September 13, 2015


You might recall that I left my summer mantle up the entire summer.  Now, with the girls back in school, it was time to change the season in the house too.
I decided that since I really liked the rustic window leaning up against the mirror, I would just switch out a few items and call it a day.  This transformation  is very natural and serene.  I hope you like it too.
Let's get started.  After taking down the gathering basket with voluminous blooms and the basket hanging from the window handle, I was ready to transform it into Autumn.
 Last summer while visiting colleges with my daughter, we stopped at Nell Hills.  I found this wonderful willow basket.

Because it is autumn, wheat seemed to be a great filler.  Hobby Lobby carries these packs of wheat.  I purchased 4, but used only 3 packages to fill the basket.

The basket was hung on the vintage window frame latch.

I also pulled out a garland that I found on sale last year. 

A few suitcases were added to the mantle.

Opening the garland and cascading it across the mantle completed the mantle.

Something was still missing.  A few larger baskets were placed in front of the fireplace.

The natural tones of the items placed on and under the mantle keep the scene very serene.

It will be easy to add some punches of orange and black to transform this mantle for Halloween.

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