Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Winter Wonderland Mantle

 I want to begin by saying that I believe this post fell off the blog ages ago.  Lets get those creative juices going for the upcoming Christmas season.
 To get the icy look on the mantle this season, I pulled out Rachel Ashwell snowflake ornaments that I purchased from Target a few years back, antique glass objects and yes, more antique prisms.  The salt and pepper shakers and plate which just add a bit more sparkle were estate sale finds.  The mirrored frame was taken from the Prince William County dump-free!  I have had the oil lamp for at least 25 years.

 The clock used to be a very country looking hand painted piece.  I want to make a point here.  This clock is made out of very cheap pine.  I purchased it at a craft fair.  Even though it doesn't have fine wood grain or architectural lines, it still had great potential for an up scaling project.

  When I grew out of the country stage, I pulled it off the shelf one day. I painted the top and bottom a french blue color, and topped it with crackled paint and then a topcoat of white.   I rustled through my old wallpaper remnants and wallpaper paste out and went to town.  It was so easy.  I have used this textural wallpaper(I bought this at Lowe's) to do a wall in my dining room.  It wasn't very easy to get on the wall, but looked really nice after it was painted. Another blog....sorry.   It was super simple to adhere the wallpaper to the clock base. 

Once the wallpaper dried, I gave it a top coat of antique white acrylic paint.  Then I looked at the face of the clock and it didn't look too appealing.(I don't have a picture of the before clock face.)  I pulled out one of my books on up scaling found objects and found a template for a face clock in the back of the book.  The book gave permission to reproduce.   It is called,  Flea Market Finds-Instant Ideas & Weekend Wonders, A Leisure Arts Publication. I printed it out on my computer and attached it to the face.

When assembled, I think the streamlined look fit my decor so much more.

And then more sparkle.....

This beautiful candelabra came from a very dear friend of mine.  It is priceless!  The bust came from Victorian Trading, and sad to say, they do not sell her anymore.

The candles are two brands of beeswax designs.  One is from Gold Rush Candles and both brands come out of California.  The other design is the honeycomb style by Oak Forest candles. Personally, I love the  non "sparkling"  polymer glitter.  They can burn safely by the way.

The champagne bucket was $15.00 at an estate sale.  It usually resides in my powder room as a wastebasket.  The suitcases remained from Christmas.

I still needed more bling with the glittered branches in a terrarium jar purchased at Crate and Barrel some 30 years ago.

All was finished off with battery powered candles(I love these) found in the clearance bin at Kroger's last season.  The set of 3 were $10.00.  You never know where you are going to find vignette items.  Who would have thought of Kroger's?  Besides, they are so much safer if you accidentally leave them on.

The mantle is crisp, fresh and inviting when the candles are lit(ha!).  I hope you have enjoyed Winter Wonderland decorating at the Valentines.   

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