Monday, January 30, 2012

Antique white baby dresses

I have always had a thing for antique white baby dresses.  I don't know why, but I use them around the house for decorating and have even made gifts out of them.  A favorite is to sew a Valentine patch onto a piece of linen. Attach it to the dress and  instead of a card, the dress sends my Valentine message to a dear friend.

To make the envelope, I took three pink sequins and sewed them in the shape of a heart.  I then grabbed a few cross stitch flosses from the box and embellished the envelope with satin basted hearts and flowers.  Once completed, I attached it to a antique white baby dress.  All that was needed was a cute Valentines' tag and a vintage painted out hanger.  BE MINE!

I have used them to hang onto crystal glass dresser knobs in the girls' rooms.  They can be hung on the hinge of stand up mirrors. 

                                         I even have a few hanging in my laundry room.

I could just envision Grandma doing Monday's laundry in this room.  And, she would have a smile on her face.

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