Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Valentine Tree

It was a struggle to pack up all my Christmas trees from the past holiday, but I kept the white feather tree out that resides in my bedroom.  I was wanting to decorate it with all of my Valentine treasures(of which I have many).  I have not even opened my most treasured ornaments, yet.  They will be used somewhere else this season.
It didn't take long to start collecting items to fill the tree.  Next thing you know, I had accumulated various items, mostly vintage to help decorate around the base.  I never can get enough chippy architectural pieces.  This white one used to be attached to one of my two porch posts(Another post).  The galvanized box was picked up at a garage sale.  A little bling was added to tie into the holiday.  The enamelled red rimmed pan was used in Grandma's laundry room.  My most amazing treasure is the vintage German red work that I believe I spent $5.00 on twenty some years ago.  The saying on the Internet translated is:  This house is hospitable.  I had originally wanted to tack the ribbon onto the shelves in my Hoosier cabinet, but I couldn't keep it one continuous piece.  I didn't want to cut it, so I just put it aside and  waited.  It is amazing sometimes that it takes me years, no kidding, to incorporate a vintage piece into my vignettes.  Twenty years later, I think the ribbons look spectacular

Now that I have the tree to complete.  The ornaments are finished.  Here is the tree without them.

And with them.....

Without the lights, on a sunny day, the tree still looks beautiful.

There is so much more decorating to be done...........

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    I put the lamp up :-)