Friday, January 20, 2012

The dresser that got a new job

When we moved into the new house, I was looking for a cabinet that would hold all of the TV components in the living room.  I didn't want any of the electrical stuff to show, so therefore, no glass windows.  I just wasn't feeling good about settling for a piece that didn't have any character.  At this time, the TV was sitting on top of an old dresser that I picked up before I was married.  The piece was on the primitive side, but I really liked it.  One night I was watching TV and I asked my husband if we could cut the sides off the drawer and rig something up so we could use this as our TV cabinet.  (Sorry about the awful flash.)

Next thing you know, hubby is off to the hardware store.  He returns with some chain,a  piano hinge and magnets.   First he sawed the front off the top drawer.  He used the Dremel to cut holes out of the back of the cabinet so the wires could stick out the back.  He cut the piano hinge into two pieces and attached them to the inside of the door to connect the face of the drawer back to the drawer.  He then attached the chain making it sure it was the correct length and added magnets.

Here is a closeup of the hinges.  They are hardly recognizable.  The bottom two drawers now house the DVD's.

Works like a champ!

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