Friday, January 27, 2012

A Transformed Window

To begin this story, I have to tell you, I have always had a fixation with windows.  Don't ask me why.   I have done many projects throughout the years with old windows.  The first window that I ever worked on was an old storm basement window from my Grandmother's house.  I had purchased the house when I was single.  Once married, both my husband and I discussed how much more efficient new windows would be. When we had replaced all the old windows in the brick home, I was compelled to hold on to some of them.  I still believe that I have some up in the rafters in the garage waiting for me.(I promise you, many blogs will come after this on these very windows.)

Years ago while in DC, I happened upon an old run down florist shop.  The owner had numerous old windows in his backyard.  I approached him and asked him if I could go picking.  I believe he was intrigued, because he walked me back to the piles of windows and was telling me where and when he acquired the different piles.  I picked up this one and a companion for next to nothing.  I had wanted to make a coffee table, so I talked it over with my husband.  If I agreed to strip, sand and repaint it, he would help me on the project.

He first built a box out of MDF(medium density fiberboard).  I was off to the hardware store to have replacement glass made for the door.  I  was on the hunt for 4 legs and some hinges which I found at Lowes.  I replaced the rusted handle, which I used in a later project(another blog), with a vintage looking glass drawer handle.

Once it was painted out and put together, I wanted to display items that I could easily change in and out with the seasons.  I took a scrap of leftover fabric, ironed it out and laid it in the bottom of the drawer.  Here are a few looks when completed.  Notice that I didn't sand out all of the imperfections on the window.  I think this gives it a bit of character.

This has to be one of our all time favorite projects.  I still haven't used the partner window.
I was thinking of creating a wall shelf unit to house snow globes.  Let's leave that for another day.....

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