Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Oak table that grew Part I

We  purchased an antique round oak table with one leaf about 2 years ago.  It comfortably fits 4.  As I was looking at it the other night, I mentioned to my husband that I wished that I had another leaf to expand the table.  Mind you that it was 2 hours before the Super Bowl game.  Mr. Thrifty went into the garage and came back and said that he could make a leaf quickly.  What!  I told him we could do it another time since I knew he wanted to watch the game. 

What seemed like mere moments, ok maybe a half hour, Mr. Thrifty walks in with the finished leaf.

Close up

                                                             Trying the leaf on for size.

                                                                 Fits like a glove.

  Unbelievable!   He's my hero.

 All I have to do is sand, stain and seal the leaf.  And still time to spare for the game....

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