Friday, February 24, 2012

The Vintage Windows

I was going to post the completion of the oak leaf, however, I had to interrupt the flow with this blog.  I think you will see when you get to the end of this blog.  Sorry!  I willl post that blog in a few days.

I'm sure that I have shared with all of you my fixation with old windows.  I have made numerous projects with them.   To refresh your memory, when I was putting new windows in our 1939 brick cottage, I saved several storm windows for projects.  After using up the windows for said projects, I began to scour salvage yards in hopes of finding some more.  While in Little Rock, we happened upon a salvage yard that had nothing but windows and doors.  I was thrilled.  I ended up purchasing 14 some odd windows.

My girls have asked that I make me to make each a blackboard/bulletin board out of the windows.  That IS the next project.

Here are some of the projects:
And a patriotic one.....

And I made one for myself.....

  I really like the perfume flower prints.

Sometimes, I use a window that doesn't need glass.

This next window shows some of the fabulous charms and pendants that my dear friend Tara makes.  Her business is called Charms & Flourish.  Tara and her friend Maureen have a great partnership in a wonderfully creative venture.

I need to show you the close up of some of their pieces.  They do an amazing job! Here are a few pictures of their amazing work.

And another.....

And some more......

Check them out on Chicks Picks by Hillary.

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