Friday, February 3, 2012

Valentine's Day framed gifts

I made one of these for my husband a few years ago.  Being in the military, I thought it would be neat to try and find a vintage Military Valentine.  I found one on Ebay.  Next, I was off to Michaels to get a 50% off frame.  I found this beautiful silver frame but it lacked something. The inside mat was dull and boring, but steel blue.   I pulled the back off and took the mat apart.  Next came the Elmers and silver glass glitter. I glittered only the inside mat, let it dry,and assembled it together with the postcard.  It holds a special memory for my Military Valentine.

Not to get off topic, but when I watched the season II opener of Downton Abbey 3 weeks ago, I noticed an item in the background of the captain's  bunker headquarters.  A vintage white granite soap holder similar to the one in the picture above was in the scene.  I have had this picture and soap holder on the wall together since we moved in.  Who would have thought that such a vintage- like item really connected to the warfront in someone's lifetime?

Sorry about that brief commercial.

You can see the silver glitter better in this picture.  I have also used the same postcard in a different kind of matting.  Your options are open.  You just cannot mess it up.  No matter your approach, the project will turn out beautiful.

On this picture, I used a lace rectangular place mat and placed a white ribbon with pink edging through the middle underneath the postcard.  A totally different look.

On another note, I know there are people that find it very hard to get rid of special greeting cards for sentimental reasons.  Making a card and framing it allows the recipent to bring it out every year.  It is the card that keeps on giving.

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