Friday, February 17, 2012

The Updated Menu Board

After I moved last April into the new house, I pulled a frame that was in my stash out in the garage.  I cut a piece of plywood(with the help of the furnace repair man).  I apparently was making him nervous as I was using the jig saw while having a cast on my right arm.  That's a whole other story.

Later that week, while I was in Home Depot, I was looking in the reject paint bin.(A great place to find cheap paint for smaller items)  I pulled an opened quart can of blackboard paint out.  Usually this paint costs around $20.00.  The sales person said the quart can was free, because it had been used. He wasn't sure if it was good.   Even if it didn't work, it was worth a try.  After bringing it home, I tried to interest my girls into painting the board for me.  They did the first 2 coats, and their patience wore out.  I finished it.  Nothing was done to the frame.    Cost so far:   nothing

Months later, I had asked my dear friend Tara if she would do a Menu script for me.  She has SO many talents, and calligraphy is one of them.  She is also way too humble if I say so myself.

 Weeks went by and she sent me a link from Graphics Fairy with this script.

Last Friday, I decided that I needed to be productive, so I called her for tracing advice.  She is a wonder!  She told me to shade the entire back of the script with the side of a pencil.   I traced only the black Menu letters.  The grey undertones were a bit much for my first time out.

I probably should have pressed harder on the shading part, because my tracing was rather light.

Next, I pulled out just some already opened acrylic white paint and the smallest pointy paintbrush that I could find.  It was slow moving and not perfect by any means.  There is a joke in my household between my husband and me.  If it isn't perfect, then it's 'shabby chic'.    Here are the close up results.  Don't look too carefully.

And the whole wall arrangement. 

The two smaller pictures with the vintage copper are for another blog entry.  I picked up a vintage gold picture hanger at an estate sale a few weeks back for a quarter and I want to incorporate that into the picture arrangement too.  Stay tuned for that one.  Total cost of menu board project?  Free

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