Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine Mantle

There is something to be said about this household. I love to rearrange things so often, rarely does a room look the same as when my kids leave for school that morning and their return in the afternoon.  That said, the valentines are all in a flurry here.  Having the ornaments done started the reworking of the mantle.

 I picked up a silverplate tray at an estate sale two weeks ago for $8.00.  She needed  cleaning up a bit.  Old toothbrushes worked best in the ornate areas.

  After Christmas, I was itchy to clean my silverplate.  Some people like to iron for therapy(I used to be one of them), but I feel most accomplished when polishing my silver.
I still wanted to keep a bit of the vintage look, so I pulled out some porch post gingerbread pieces.  The galvanized box was a garage sale find.  The glittered letters were added for easy removal.

 The tree was moved out in front of the mantle.  There are only hints of vibrant red in the hearts and a small suitcase that all 5 of us older girls played with as children.  I'm not even sure who had claim to it first, but I love the plaid and the fact that it was a well played with in our childhoods.  I wonder if now that the news is out that I have it in my possession, one of them will want it back.The bottom line is that up cycling this worn suitcase is what it is all about.  I think that she proudly stands as part of  the base for the feather tree.

The cute pink button lampshade and base held a Yankee Candle in years past.  Instead of the candle, I positioned a antique jelly server filled with cotton candy pink ribbon between the base and the shade.

One of my most favorite pieces that I use all over the house is the old silver plate coffee pot filled with ivory roses.  Change of seasons needs only to add a ballet pink felted heart in this instance.  These   felted hearts were made as baby gifts from an ROA(Reserve Officers of America) spouse on the birth of my children.  Tags are also a great way to showcase this piece as I did at Christmas.  The crochet doilies are from estate sales and I believe the larger one is one of my grandmother's.

The silvered urns cast the beautiful colors of the painted ornaments.  Funny that this seasonal creation of the tree and mantle was done at minimal cost.  Now you might say, this woman has a lot of junk, but I am able to store these items in an efficient manner to not appear to have a lot of clutter in the house.

       Here is the mantle in its entirety.  A pretty collection of dainty items from the past.

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