Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Birth of the Christmas tree base

I need to give you a bit of background on this next project.  About five years ago, living in the DC area, there was a fabulous dump.  This dump had a special shed for used items 'too good to be thrown away'.  I would take a weekly drive out to this facility to see what I could find.  You could only stay and pick out items for 20 minutes at a time.  People would drop their junk off and minutes later, a junker, or me, would gladly take it off their hands.

One day I picked up an old buffet that had been left outdoors.  It was pitiful, but I knew that it had some life still in it.  I drug it into the van and brought it home.  I left it out in the garage for weeks, because  I couldn't envision any project.  Finally, I decided that out of the whole piece, only one drawer was salvagable, but it was  going to be a spectacular piece.  Plans began.
The family loves to put their feet up while watching movies.  This drawer was long enough to fit all of our feet.

This piece has been   very significant in our house.  When Christmas came along, we found another use for it.  This really accentuated the tall ceilings.
However, this year our ceilings aren't so high, hence off with the legs. 

I have become quite fond of the little drawer that could.

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