Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Child is born

Because this special holiday is about the Birth of Jesus, I wanted to show you the process of redoing the library table where the Nativity scene resides in our home.

A few years back, at a backwards old auction outside Little Rock, I spied this library table.  It had interesting carved lines in the top.  When I bought it for $25.00, I decided to wait to work on it.  I already had one library table, and really didn't need a second one.  However, time waits for all and so on this last move, I finally found a place to use this piece.  I knew that I wanted a french blue paint on it so it could match the beautifully handpainted Nativity scene that I had.

I had been reading in other blogs about Annie Sloan chalk paint.  It's not chalkboard paint but it has the interesting quality of pretty much covering everything.  You don't have to strip a piece before applying this paint.  In the past, I had a dresser that I stripped and sanded.  When I painted it, the stain leaked through and it has a peach cast to it.  Sorry for the digression.  Anyway, with this paint, it covers all.  It is not cheap, however, it can be watered down.  It dries very quickly and can be recoated sooner than most paints.  Because this was a layered painting project, this paint sands off easily to show undercoats.  I used Louis Blue as my undercoat, sanded and top coated with Old White.  After sanding, I applied Fiddes & Sons Light Supreme Wax Polish.  After buffing the wax, you get the smoothest surface imagined.  It has a soft sheen to it.

Notice how bright blue the surface is.  After sanding and recoating with the Old White, it tones it down.

The Holy Family

Keep your heart in the true spirit of Christmas.  To all my friends and family out there, I wish you the Merriest Christmas.

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