Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Headboard Part 1

When we moved to our latest home, my husband and I wanted to create a substantial headboard.  I had viewed pictures on other blogs, but just couldn't get the design right.  One Sat., we went down to our local Habitat Restore shop and started to look for some crown moldings.  Habitat Restore is a facility that acquires through donations, used house parts.  Many of them have doors, windows, moldings, cabinets, light fixtures, tile, sometimes furniture and even items like mantles.  We spied an 8 foot piece that looked pretty worn. Just remember, anytime you see wood that is so filthy, use TSP to clean it.  You would be surprised to see how well it cleans any grease or grime on wood.

In our original plan, we wanted to use MDF(medium density fiberboard) and trim molding for the   project.  After taking the crown molding up to the counter, I mentioned that maybe we could look at  the doors and see if we could come up with anything.  Once there, we looked at panelled, primed, but never used doors that were about 18 inches wide.  We started laying them out on the floor and visualizing the crown molding on top.  The idea was born.  We picked up 4 doors at $15.00 a piece, and the crown molding for a whopping $2.00.

Once home, hubby spaced the doors two inches apart.

Once up on the wall  it looked like this.

I'm going to keep you in suspense.  Stay tuned for the finished project.

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  1. I can't wait to see the finished headboard. Do I really have to wait? Patience isn't my virtue. (Now that I think about it, I am not sure if I have any virtues...)