Monday, December 12, 2011

Tarnished silver and burlap

Instead of going with traditional colors this year, I chose the tarnished silver and burlap route.

I found a tutorial for a burlap runner on a blog and was curious to see if it was as easy as explained.  I used utility burlap instead of normal burlap.  The utility burlap is a bit rougher.   I would not recommend using this type of burlap.   The stitches were hard to catch because of the looser weave. Once completed, it worked out and doesn't look too shabby.

It is hard for me not to get out my silver polish to clean all my goodwill, close out sale or estate sale silver. I really didn't mind all the polishing. In the end, it  goes well with the rough burlap and saves lots of time.

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