Saturday, October 13, 2012

Chandelier II

I almost forgot about my second up cycled chandelier.  This one did not come with candle cups to hold the crystals onto each arm.

I checked on line and found a place that not only sold the crystals for a reasonable price, but found glass bobeches. The bobeches take the place of the candle cup.  Each bobeche contains 5 small rings attached to the outside.  On these rings you can attach your crystals.

The first step is to wipe all the dirt and grime off the fixture.  Take out the lightbulbs and stuff one paper towel wadded up into that space.  This will protect the connection point from paint.

I like to suspend my lights from a set up ladder that has plastic around the exterior, making a spraying tent of sorts.  This is a different fixture, but it shows how to hang it for spray painting.

Using any white primer, coat the entire piece.  Open the plastic curtain and let dry at least overnight.   The next day, topcoat with white appliance spray coats.  Do at least 2 coats waiting one day between them.

Here is a picture of the bobeches.  The cost around $5.00 apiece.  Shop around.  I have not been successful scouring them at flea markets or antique stores.  It is hard to get at least 5 matching ones.

 The crystals come in a multitude of colors.  The clear ones are standard.  They also  have various shapes, and sizes when choosing  crystals.

There is also chandelier chain that can be added to drape on your chandelier.  It usually comes in lengths.  I divide the length up when I get ready to hang it.  All you need is a jewelry pliers to open and close the connectors.

A little side note.  Before you hang any of the glass pieces on the lamp, I recommend the very best glass cleaner.  I pick it up at WalMart or Sam's.  I use this product on all glass and mirrors in my house.  It does not streak.  The name of this product is Sprayway Glass Cleaner.


Here is the chandelier all assembled.  There are no right or wrong ways to adorn a chandelier.  Use your imagination. 

                 The glass bobeches add much more sparkle and added reflection.

                                          This chandelier makes a great reading lamp.

This fixture adds a lot of character to the room.

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