Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hankie Lampshade

I found this precious candlestick lamp at Goodwill for $3.99.  Once I brought it home, I cleaned it  up with silver polish.  Then, I went to the stash and pulled an unfinished shade for it.

You see many exposed lampshade skeletons around in decorating.  I soaked the shade with water until all the paper came off.  Then, I ran into a problem.  The two parts of the skeleton only stayed together with the paper sheath.  Now, I had two separate rings.  I had to come up with an idea to conjoin them together again.  I had some twine upstairs.  I cut three equal pieces of the twine and knotted both parts together securing them with knots.  Now the skeleton hung over the light bulb.  I  tried to think of an out of the box type shade.

          The lamp was very primitive, but not quite finished.  I needed an idea.......................

While on this same trip home, the girls and I visited a thrift shop in Mom's neighborhood. My youngest brought up a beautiful hanky to show me.(She knows what catches my eye!) I unfolded the hanky and to my surprise I found a name imprinted on one corner of the piece. This hanky truly had a life before ending up at the thrift shop.

  Immediately, it became very special to me and I wanted to find a place to carry on its use. I purchased the hanky for $1.00.

It seems a Miss or Mrs. Hemmer did not want to lose this hanky. I don't blame her.  It is a beautiful handkerchief.

 To cut off the name to reuse the hanky seemed sinful, so I had to come up with an idea to incorporate it into a future project.

                                  The delicate lace edging could not be destroyed.

Not much time passed before I realized that I could marry these two latest finds. Some people will cringe to see what happened next. I took a fabric scissors out and cut a hole in the middle of the hanky.

                     Grabbing a needle and white thread, I secured the hanky over the lamp skeleton.


                                        The hanky hangs randomly over the frame.  I love it!


                                 And Miss or Mrs. Hemmer's hanky lives on in a new light.


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