Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New Orleans Beignets

Just returned from our 4th annual Sister's Weekend in New Orleans.   We had to stop by the famous Cafe Du Monde.

 Couldn't pass up the opportunity to try their favorite food  especially the delectable beignets.

I bought a postcard with the recipe to share with all of you.  I know my kids will enjoy these smothered in powdered sugar.

                               Here is a closeup in case you can't read the recipe.

 My fabulous sister Terri snapped a picture before we inhaled the delight.  I think it was gone before you could blink.   Thanks Terri!  She usually documents every food delicacy that we eat on our travels.

                                                 Maybe I will try these for a holiday treat.

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  1. I need to pay attention! I didn't know you were out of town. I was going to see if the 14th would work for tea/coffee and HomeGoods!!!