Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Oriental Ginger Jars

The pair of Oriental jars were given to me by a dear friend.  I loved them instantly.  They were not your average cobalt and white  ceramics that we are used to seeing.  These ginger jars had fabulous orange  and pink blossoms on them.

                                    A silver-plated cupcake stand elevates one ginger jar.

                   Arranging some pumpkins, a glass dome, a teacup and saucer and fishing basket lamp       was all that was needed to set the stage for an autumnal display.

                        Can't you wait to cozy up to a roaring fire in the fireplace?

 Look at table top accessories in your home to create a scene.  There is nothing 'autumn' about these ginger jars, but I think they work beautifully on the library table with a bit of embellishment from the faux pumpkins.   Think out of the box!

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