Friday, October 26, 2012

Spooky Halloween Foyer

In order to create a Halloween foyer design, I wanted to incorporate my two glazed cream ceramic pumpkins.  Using the garden urn that I had, I filled it with Spanish moss and placed one of the pumpkins on top.

The other pumpkin was placed under my vintage garden dome.
After pulling my glass vase used for my wedding flowers for the altar, I went out to the woods and cut down several intertwined twigs.  Placing mini skeletons and more Spanish moss draped on the twigs was the next step.  Putting them into the glass vase, the twigs cascaded out to drape the silvered mirror.
Attaching a crow to the weathered lantern completed the scene.
                                   As you can see, I reused my burlap table runner on top of the table and vintage suitcases to fill the underneath portion of the library table.  Once the battery operated candle is lit makes for a rather spooky feeling to the foyer.
Getting away from using the typical oranges of the fall season still allows me to create a haunting scene.
What a great welcome for all those goblins and ghouls.
Happy Haunting!

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